IP68 Waterproof Live Face Recognition Access Control Tablet Camera

IP68 Waterproof Live Face Recognition Access Control Tablet Camera:

1. Binocular Live Face Detection

2. Face capacity: 10,000, optional 30,000

3. Face Recognition Speed: < 0.2S

4. Face Recognition Distance: 0.3-4M

5.Device can work online / offline

6.Device Comm mode: TCP/IP, WiFi

7. Auto-Capture stranger face to send to server For Door security

8. Capture Face photo to send to server when face recognition

9. Dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithms based on video streams

10. Web Based B/S Time Attendance and Access Control Management Software









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IP68 Waterproof Live Face Recognition Access Control Tablet Camera:

Technical specs: 

Model :   LKG-AIFACE100    

Screen:    7 inch HD screen    

Camera:    2pcs 1080P HD Camera    

White balance  :  Auto    

WDR  :  YES    

Face capacity :   10,000 face, optional 30,000    

Transaction Logs capacity:    No Limit as it’s sent to computer via network cable or WIFI..      

Face Detection :   Dynamic Live Face detection    

Face Recognition Speed :   < 0.2S    

Face Recognition Accuracy:    > 99.7%    

Face Recognition Distance:    0.3M - 4M (According to light conditions)    

Body Temperature Measurement Sensor:    Imported Melexis Temperature Sensor    

Body Temperature Measurement Speed :   < 0.3S    

Body Temperature Measurement Accuracy :   ± 0.3 ℃ (Min unit: 0.1℃)(Room Temperature:5℃-39℃)    

Body Temperature Measurement Distance:    0.3M - 2M (the most accurate between 0.3-0.5M)    

Communication Port:    TCP/IP, WIFI    

Verify Mode    4 Mode (Face / Temperature Measurement / Face+Temperature Measurement / Face+Temperature Measurement + Stranger Temperature Measurement  )    

Work Mode:    Network / Standalone    

Mask Detection & Recognition with mask:    Yes    

Main Functions:    Body Temperature measurement, Time Attendance report, Access Control with E/M Lock,    

Special Feature:    Auto-capture stranger face photo to server when somebody look around in front of your door, so that you have his face photo proof for policeman when any theft case accidents happen.    

Feel Free to add your own software interface translation if you think our translation is not correct or our software do not support your country language now,  No need us to customize it for you any more.    

Working temperature:     -10℃~60℃    

Working humidity:    10%~90 %    

Power supply:    DC12V    

Device Dimension:    262*134*18(mm)without body temperature sensor    

Package box dimension:    480*176*116 (mm)    

Server Software:    Web Based Time Attendance & Access Control Management Software    

Software Interface Languages:    12 Languages now (Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Indonesian,Vietnamese )    

Software Output 4 Reports:    Body Temperature Report, WorkTime Report, Late/Early-Leave Report, All Access Logs Report,    

Free SDK    PHP / Comm protocol / Customized SDK for you.    

Optional Accessories    Wall mounted gimbaled stand, Triangle Stand, Desktop Stand, Electric bolt lock, Electric Magnetic lock, Exit release button, Access Control Power Supply    

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