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TuyaSmart 1080P Wireless Security WiFi IP Camera System NHK-TYK
TuyaSmart 1080P Wireless Security WiFi IP Camera System NHK-TYK, LEEKGOVISION plug and play wireless security camera system releases you from messy cables, no need complicated network configuration and it is super easy Wireless security system DIY Kit. Once you connect both Wifi ip camera and NVR to power and connect NVR with LCD Screen by HDMI Cable, wifi camera and nvr will AUTO-PAIR and give you view of cameras immediately, this is really hassle-free plug & play wireless CCTV video surveillance set. Our wifi camera has the repeater hierarchical connection function. Sometimes some of your cameras are installed far away from the NVR and receive weak signal, in this case you can set one of the Wi-Fi cameras which is close to the NVR as a repeater to ensure the stable transmission between far-away (weak signal) cameras and the NVR.NVR is with built-in wi-fi Router which can provide strong and stable wi-fi signal for cameras. Please remember to connect NVR with internet if you want to view cameras remotely on android/iOS mobile phone.

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